Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability

Trees are not only the lungs that keep our cities healthy, but also act as homes for wildlife and a protective barrier against flooding. Moreover, their strong yet renewable material – wood - has been used in industry since antiquity! To ensure future supplies of this valuable resource without permanently damaging its environment or ecosystem, it must be well managed from its source. That's why we prioritise sustainable purchasing policies with suppliers & importers certified by governing bodies like PEFC & FSC when sourcing raw materials - so we can do our part to preserve these precious forests while satisfying demand.

Woodshop Direct is committed to saving the planet, one tree at a time. We are partnering with Plant One Cornwall to make an immediate impact on climate change by increasing woodlands and tree coverage across Cornwall - which currently stands at only 9%. For every tree we use in production, we pledge to plant three more. Through planting trees we can effectively remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere while creating biodiversity habitats that enhance soil fertility and natural beauty.


Planting trees at the Trefusis Estate in Falmouth with Plant One.


Woodshop Direct is also taking the lead in environmentally-friendly practices. Our sawdust and timber waste is used for producing biomass fuel pellets and firewood, plus we use biodegradable/recyclable packaging when wrapping our orders. On top of that incredible commitment to sustainability, we've got an ambitious plan: becoming more self-sufficient by turning our machining processes into a source of heat power for factory operations.

Our briquettes made from extracted wood waste materials, recycled into the end product as a carbon-neutral process.