Plywood is an incredibly versatile and sustainable material that can be used for a range of applications. The main two types of plywood are Birch and Spruce, both of which offer different properties, and can be used for different applications. Because of its versatility, plywood makes for an excellent resource for builders or just anyone who has a DIY project in mind.

We have a range of plywood sheets available including Russian Birch Plywood which offers a strong and attractive appearance, as well as being suitable for wall, floor structures, furniture and formwork. Gaboon Marine Plywood is more specialist and the perfect choice for boatbuilding or an outdoor fixture. It is weather resistant and offers long-lasting strength.

All of our plywood sheets are cut to your specified size with fastidious precision and delivered to your door. Each product description details the sheet's individual qualities and suitable uses to help you find the right sheet material for your project.

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