Our profiles range will provide the perfect finishing touch to all your interior decorating and DIY projects. Timber mouldings serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, adding a finishing touch to a room while providing practical benefits in terms of protection and concealment.

Skirting boards, also known as baseboards or skirting panels, enhance the visual appeal of a room by seamlessly transitioning between the flooring and the wall surfaces. They create a clean and polished look, hiding the gaps and unevenness that may exist between these two surfaces.

Architrave, also known as a door casing or door trim, serves several important functions in a building or room. Architrave acts as a decorative frame around doorways and windows. It provides a visually appealing transition between the wall surface and the opening, enhancing the architectural aesthetics of the space.

All our profiles give your woodwork a professional, immaculate-looking edge - choose from Architrave & Skirting Boards in pencil round, ogee and torus profiles. We can also offer bespoke profiles if desired, just enquire with our timber specialists via phone or email.

All profile material in this section is manufactured from American White Oak; a popular and versatile choice for all interior joinery due to its dense, durable and tough composition.

We cater specifically to your bespoke projects, based on your precisely chosen measurements and then cut to size to achieve exactly what you're looking for.

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