Within this section, you'll find a selection of durable, high-performance hardwoods that combine quality visual appearance with versatile properties.  

Hardwoods are a premium-grade source of timber derived from slower-growing trees, producing a denser end product that can be used for furniture, musical instruments, boat building and more.  Hardwoods are known for their sturdiness and are a popular choice for high-traffic areas like floors. In addition, hardwoods have a high density and a low moisture content, which makes them less prone to warping, twisting, or splitting.

The main benefit of using hardwood is its durability. These long-lasting and aesthetic qualities make this type of timber perfect for heavy-duty construction, top-end furniture, premium range flooring and staircases.

Due to the density of hardwood, it requires very little maintenance, treatment and cleaning. All you need to do is sand away any imperfections and re-varnish to bring old hardwoods back to life.

Want a timber sample?

Our timber sample fans allow you to feel and see the wood enabling you to make a more informed purchase. It's the perfect tool for aiding the discussion and design of your woodworking projects.  Buy now


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