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Environmental Policy Statement

Sprucewool’s activities are the storage, manufacture and distribution of wood products. These activities result in a variety of significant environmental effects including: the carbon emissions from transport vehicles, offices and processing facilities; and the industrial and office waste we generate in the course of everyday business.
Our goal is to minimise our overall environmental footprint. This involves understanding and managing the environmental effects of all of our operations so as to avoid, minimise, mitigate or offset their impact.
Continual improvement of our environmental performance and compliance with all relevant legislation is achieved through continuous monitoring and attention to relevant detail.

Sprucewool is committed to:

  • Obtaining its timber and timber products from legal and responsibly managed sources
  • Minimising the company’s carbon footprint by efficient use of energy and investment in appropriate technologies
  • Maximising reuse, recycling or energy recovery to minimise waste sent to landfill.
  • Our extracted wood waste is a carbon neutral process recycled into wood briquettes and is sold for house hold wood burning stoves.

Timber Purchasing Policy

The extraction of timber can have a significant impact on the sustainability and well-being of the forests that are the source of our products. Being able to source from forest and plantations under sustainable management is essential to Sprucewool’s business, both long and short term. Supporting the economic viability of these through trade also protects the wide range of ecosystem goods and services that fully functional forests provide, locally and globally.
Our goal is that all our wood products will derive from both legal and sustainable managed sources. To achieve this goal we are committed to:

  • Progressively increase in the proportion of wood products we buy from credibly certified legal and well-managed forests as defined by third party schemes such as FSC and PEFC
  • Continuous monitoring of our purchases and regular external reporting of our performance.

Carbon Emissions Policy

Emission of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gasses relating to company activity has an environmental effect. These arise from the production and delivery of our products, office operations, all forms of company travel and disposal of waste, through consumption of fuel and electricity.

Our goal is to reduce this impact as much as possible. To achieve this we are committed to:

  • Implement appropriate and affordable technologies and systems to reduce fuel and electricity use in all activities under our control.
  • To measure and monitor the carbon impact of these activities.

Waste Management Policy

All companies produce operational waste from Office and / or industrial activities. Sprucewool is no exception, our waste output ranges from offcuts and sawdust from manufacturing sites to paper from our office operations.
Our goal is to manage our waste disposal to minimise that sent to landfill. To achieve this we are committed to:

  • Minimise waste through reduction and re-use where feasible
  • Segregation of recyclable from non-recyclable waste and disposal of both by reputable operators.
  • Compliance with all legal obligations related to waste disposal.

These policy commitments were approved and re-endorsed by the Sprucewool Limited directors in March 2019.