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Despite being a craft that is routed in old-school methods and time-honoured techniques, woodworking and carpentry have hugely benefited from the internet. This most modern of inventions has made it easier than ever for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to order the materials and tools they need or to get detailed step-by-step instructions at the click of a mouse. A particular favourite of these advantages here at Wooshop Direct is being able to find detailed, well presented video-tutorials at a moment’s notice, and so we’ve listed the best with our  top 5 Woodworking YouTube Channels You Need To subscribe To!

#1 Steve Ramsay

Recommended Video: Make a wood chain using a router

Californian carpenter Steve and his show ‘Woodworking for Mere Mortals’ are the perfect introduction to the craft for those who digest a lot of their information through YouTube. His style of presentation is similar to that of many v-loggers in the sense that it’s fast, entertaining and (we mean this as a positive!) doesn’t require a huge attention span. His goal is not to make woodworking experts, it’s simply to encourage you to spend a few hours on the weekend creating something cool, practical and creative.

#2 Chop With Chris

Recommended Video: The Priceless Gift

Renowned for his adherence to classic hand tool woodworking, there’s just something classy about each and every project that Chris helps his viewers create. The video we posted above was a viral sensation, in which this master craftsman handmade a beautiful dining room table for his wife for their 20th wedding anniversary. It’s that sort of personal touch and ingenuity that will have you tuning into Chop With Chris day after day.

#3 Matthias Wandel

Recommended Video: How to make the dowel maker

For those who prefer learning more about woodworking from an engineering perspective, Matthias is your man. Known for building his own wooden machines and then improving upon them, you can even download/buy most of the templates he uses for his projects. Even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable about DIY, the amount of technical knowledge in these videos means you’ll always come away realizing just how little you know!

#4 Make Something

Recommended Video: 13 Woodworking Projects You Can Make as Christmas Gifts!

David Picciuto, also known as the DrunkenWoodworker, combines his slick presentation and approachable tone with a mix of DIY projects that range from the simple to highly complex – but always with a focus on design and originality. With plenty of supplementary material including written guides and an audio podcast, David’s videos are good enough almost entirely as a pieces of entertainment, though luckily as far as Woodworking YouTube Channels go its pretty informative stuff.

#5 Fine Wood Working

Recommended Video: The Simple Art of Spoon Carving

Pretty much all of the previous Woodworking YouTube Channels focused on hand-tools and traditional carpentry methods, but Fine Wood Working’s Video Workshop presents plenty of tutorials that let you pick up the power tool and make something amazing. An accompanying series to the magazine of the same name, the quality of this channel is as good (if not better) than most TV DIY programs, and the pace and attention to detail should make it an invaluable resource for woodworkers of all levels.

If you want to find more highlighted Woodworking YouTube Channels and the internet’s carpentry community at large, keep an eye on our Facebook page or our tweets over at @WoodshopDirect.

Post By Nicole Sage