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Having a woodshop area or room devoted to your woodwork is something of a dream to many who just undertake it as a hobby or even as a living. Over the years you can accumulate a number of different tools, wood off-cuts and various other pieces of equipment. If you don't keep your equipment organised you can quickly lose your train of thought and get lost beneath the piles of stuff - as the saying goes 'a messy room is a messy mind'. There are some amazing woodshop storage ideas out there, completely creative and unique that will help you use your existing space wisely and give you plenty of storage for all the essentials.

Collapsible Work Table

Starting off with the smallest areas are some small workshop storage solutions, you really don't need the biggest workshop in the world to produce intricate and exciting woodwork. You simply need to use your existing space wisely and there are various ways that you can store your items in a small area. Invest in a folding assembly table that can be folded away when not in use, if you have the materials you can even function a new one by buying a pair of collapsible saw-horses and by screwing an old or damaged door to the top of the horses. Quick and easy to make, this will provide you with a spacious worktop that can easily be cleaned and put to the side whilst you're working on other items or cleaning the workshop.

Ceiling Drawers

For items that need storing on a daily basis such as tools and screws, to maximise the space you have on the floor ceiling drawers are an excellent space saver, especially if you are situated in the basement. Easy to make by hand, create some pivoting boxes which will act as ceiling drawers. Once the main foundations have been constructed you can customise the drawers however you wish, by attaching hooks to hang items up or by putting further pieces of wood across the shelves for items to sit on.

Tool Holders

The amount of time spent rummaging in a box for a specific tool will be outweighed by the initial time spent having to construct a tool holder. PVC tool holders can be made in a number of ways, but a tried and tested method is by using sections of PVC pipe and attaching them to a precut pegboard. They will keep your items out of the way and in the correct place, you'll be able to find the tool you're looking for in a fraction of the time!

Full height storage

As long as you leave a space in the middle of the room for your woodwork table maximise the rest of the space that you have with full height storage, whether that's long length cabinets, drawers or shelving. You can fill the storage units with boxes or for more organisation add dividers into drawers to separate your items into specific categories. This will also keep your items clean and dry, opt for shallow drawers as opposed to deep drawers which may store a lot but they will end up becoming junk drawers that you just end up chucking anything into!


Drawers really will be an asset to any workshop, whether they are built into a table or pre-existing units. You can design them to be open drawers for easy access or be closed drawers which help prevent dust and damage occurring to your tools. As previously mentioned drawers can help to further organise your equipment by building compartments or inserting dividers. Having drawers within reach with the most used items will help your project run at double speed!

These are some really great space saving ideas that are fantastic for the smallest of areas. Once you transform your room you'll never imagine how you coped without the space and organisation before. Better yet these ways are sure to maximise efficiency, aid creativity and let you carry out each woodwork project with ease! For further woodshop storage ideas check out this excellent youtube video by Matt Vanderlist.

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Post By Nicole Sage