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If you've ever come across marine-grade plywood, the uses and applications seem fairly obvious... You would have thought.

But incase you're not entirely sure, Woodshop Direct are going to dispel the myths and inaccuracies you shouldn't be falling for, telling you exactly what you need to know before you buy your very own cut-to-size marine plywood.

What Is Marine Grade Plywood?

In short, marine grade plywood is a more water-durable version of regular plywood. When exposed to water, it will be resistant to rotting, shrinking and warping due to the enhanced composition; for example, regular plywood is typically made using three glued together plies of wood, whereas marine grade plywood is constructed using as many as five layers, bonded with waterproof adhesive.

Is It Waterproof?

High quality plywood is one of the most popular choices for boat-building and nautical parts and the better quality the plywood, the stronger, lighter, and more flawless it will be. Designed to perform extremely well in high moisture conditions, or environments that will be exposed to moisture for long periods of time, plywood is suitable for finishing and is a first rate option for outdoor furniture near coastal areas.

What's Marine Plywood Made From?

A bespoke panel design, marine-grade plywood is typically made from Douglas fir, Western Larch or, Woodshop's favourite, Gaboon timber -  the latter is a particularly effective boat and yacht building material due to its light, durable and flexible qualities. We stock a variety of thicknesses, cut to your exact requirements and ready to order at your request.

How To Waterproof Your Plywood

If marine plywood is exposed to water, it must be prepared with a protective finish and waterproof glue. As plywood is a laminated material, it responds extremely well to waterproofing and is also super easy to protect. According to the waterproofing method you use, wipe the plywood with a damp cloth and sand down with a fine grit to smooth out the surface. If you are using an oil based waterproofing option use a soft brush to get the best coverage.

Waterproof Glue Is Important

Waterproof glue is crucial when the plywood is being used in high moisture, high temperature and extremely humid environments - stopping the wood from delaminating and ensuring that your structure doesn't fail.

What Can You Use Marine-Grade Plywood For?

If you're a skilled woodworker and DIY-er, you can make a wide range of garden furniture, including chairs, tables and benches as well as decking, porches and planters.

Post By Ed Mason