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With Christmonth – also known as December by some – fast approaching, most of us are starting to think about putting up our Christmas trees, tinsel and other decorations. No doubt a job for the upcoming weekend, putting up the Christmas decorations is a very exciting time for the whole family, and one that can be made even more so when the decorations you're putting up have actually been made by you.


Making your Christmas decorations from wood is great for so many reasons, and one of the biggest is that whilst only one or two of you may actually possess the skills to physically shape the wood, any member of the family can pick up a paint brush and decorate it; making it a real family-effort.

The blueprints for woodwork Christmas decorations can be found all over the internet on sites such as 'Free Woodworking Plans', 'Woodworkers Workshop' and 'The Winfield Collection', and all you really need to produce them are the most basic woodworker's tools. Naturally there are patterns and designs that should not be attempted unless you are an experienced woodworker, but there are also many that can be attempted by just about anybody.


Moreover, the design itself doesn't need to be reminiscent of Christmas or even Christmas themed at all, as a lot of the time you can simply rely on the painting or decoration of the wood to convey the Christmas-theme. For example, a wooden box alone is by no means a Christmas decoration, but give it a golden base coat, and paint a red or silver ribbon around it, and VOILA! You have a decoration that is emphatically connected to the gift-giving aspect of the festive season.

You can do a lot more than simply paint your wooden Christmas decorations, for example it's always nice to add a little bit of 3D detail as it were, by tying a real ribbon around a Santa's wrist or around a snowman's neck as a scarf; rather than painting it on. Like everything, the more you do the more ideas and designs you'll come up with, both on the woodworking and painting side of things.


Post By Alem Al Khamiri