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Whether you've got a free weekend coming up or some spare time over October half term, it provides the perfect opportunity to get stuck into some relatively easy weekend woodworking projects that won't take up a huge amount of time. If you're still learning the basics of carpentry and woodwork, these small projects are a great way to test out your skills, learn to get comfortable with the materials and use up all your odd bits and bobs of wood! So if you do have some free time this weekend, why not have something amazing to show for your time off? Here are 5 of our favourite woodworking projects which will help fill your time up nicely this weekend!

#1. Hanging Garden

Starting with one of our favourite beginner wood work projects is this hanging garden. This DIY vertical garden is an easy to make a practical storage idea for your plants that will benefit yourself in using your skills, and it will look fabulous in your garden. You can add as many tiers to it as you want and you can play with as many colour combinations of plants as you want!

#2. Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards

It doesn't get more creative than this! You can choose whether you want to buy a precut board or if you're feeling adventurous you can craft your own one. With Christmas coming up these DIY cutting boards would make fantastic presents as they can be personalised with colours, shapes and letters. You can even get your kids involved with this crafty project!

#3. Wooden Ring Pendants

You don't have to just be a lady to enjoy this Wooden Ring Pendants woodworking project, you can craft the wooden discs yourself in next to no time and then the fun can really begin. You can decorate the pendants in whatever way you wish, with pens, threads, ribbons or beads. Another great project to get your kids involved in once you've made the wooden discs!

#4. Tree Stump Side Table

Disposing of fallen trees or ones that have been cut down can sometimes come at quite a cost, so why not use the natural resources available to you and make the most out of it?! A tree stump side table is an incredibly simplistic piece of furniture that is easy to craft. It can be created by using metal legs as the stands, but it can even be left in its natural state for a really rustic look.

#5. Driftwood Necklace Holder 

The best thing about woodworking projects is that you can use the natural resources available to you and create something completely unique that money just can't buy. This driftwood necklace holder simply requires a piece of driftwood from the beach and you can source some quirky and decorative knobs that will hold your items. It's a great way to organise your earrings, necklaces and even your scarves!

These easy woodworking projects not only look great but they won't take up your whole weekend!  If you have any further woodworking project ideas for the weekend, do let us know on our Facebook page, Twitter and/or Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage