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As explored in our Amazing Woodwork From Around the World post it is incredible how wood can be used and created into unique masterpieces using different techniques from people all over the world.  Each design created is completely individual and unique, with thanks to the vast array of techniques, tools and technologies that are available. Meaning that each craftsman can take a different stance on what could be a similar project. It truly is incredible what can be created from a sturdy piece of wood, driftwood or old wood in its whole form. We have discovered 5 simply fascinating examples of wood design from craftsmen from all over the world and we thought that it was only right to share the true beauty of them with you.


This simply incredibly wooden, sunken basin caught our attention, the grooves that have intricately been cut into the wood are breathtakingly crafted to create this completely original and eye catching sink. Sunken wooden basins are a stunning addition to any kitchen or bathroom for a really unique feel.

At first glance this looks like the perfect hideaway, a lakeside sauna has actually been created to form a modern wooden grotto. It provides a really fresh feel and this seaside cave has been artfully created by Partisans. With the carpentry aside, the architecture of this is fantastic and just another astounding finished project by Partisans who form a fusion of excellent architects, designers and cultural enthusiasts to create transformed spaces and experiences.

A simple but nevertheless intricately and cute design is this wooden lego toy. Truly inventive and different, it would be a brilliant present for a lego mad child or used as a modern display in your home.


Offering outstanding design is this wooden bike created by Jan Gunneweg. So beautifully finished with a flawless, smoothed wooden frame. We reckon it's a pretty decent ride too! We can only imagine the hours of pure devotion that went in to creating this man-made and natural bicycle.


We love this amazing wooden twisted staircase, it is a great example of how woodwork has been cleverly worked into the interior of a house, using old, gnarly wood the tree like staircase gives the house so much character and it has been magnificently crafted to adapt to the surroundings.

You really can run wild with being creative and imaginative with woodwork and we have barely scratched the surface of the sheer amount of fantastic examples of wood design that have been created by skilled craftsmen from around the world. If you know of some other incredible types of wood design, share them with us over at the Woodshop Direct Facebook page,Twitter and/or Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage