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Planed all round timber

Wood is one of natures most precious and widely used resources, and though it is renewable, it is important that it is sourced correctly and ethically. Here at Woodshop Direct we are proud to say that all of the wood we offer on our site comes from sustainable suppliers, who understand the importance of these ethical practices and the impact that ignoring them would have on the future of our industry and the ecosystem.

It is for this very same reason that we offer wood cut to size at Woodshop Direct, as ordering the precise dimensions of wood that a project requires ensures that there is very little leftover or wasted material at the end of it. It also helps those who order from us save money, as when cut to size wood is ordered from our site the cost of the exact quantity of material in demand is precisely calculated; so you can be sure that not a single penny is being spent on material that will only end up being thrown away or left lying around the garage.

We offer over twenty different types of planed all round timber, each with its own inherent benefits and potential applications. Each individual product page includes a small piece of information about the wood, as well as some additional information which may help you decide which wood is best suited to the needs of a particular project.

Take for example our Planed All Round Obeche Timber. In addition to the pertinent information that we include on every product listing – moisture content, hardness, workability, etc. – we also give a bit of detail about the Obeche Timber specifically; such as its pale straw-like colour, West Africa being its place of origin and how it is ideal for interior joinery, furniture fabrication and so on.

Product detailsThese details are given to allow our customers to make an informed decision, in the hopes that they will find the perfect wood for what they are trying to achieve; which does not just come down to how easy it is work, but also how good it will look when it's done.

Ordering cut to size wood from the Woodshop Direct website is designed to be as simple as possible, whilst also giving the customer a range of options which should hopefully allow them to get exactly what they need. This is why once you have selected the wood that you'd want to order and are given the opportunity of selecting the width, length and thickness you want your wood to be, there is an option of inputting your desired dimensions in millimetres, centimetres and inches; essentially guaranteeing that you will get the size of wood you want, whilst saving both your money and the environment.


Post By Alem Al Khamiri

Alem Al-Khamiri