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What Is The Difference Between Medite And MDF?

01 January 0001 min read

A popular choice for timber industry professionals and woodworking DIY-ers alike, you'll no doubt be aware of MDF, even if you've never used it first hand. However, more and more MDF products are cropping up online with new names, unique benefits and different size options available. One of the most innovative wood based materials is Medite - but how is it different to MDF and what additional advantages will it bring to you and your current project?

In our latest blog, Woodshop Direct will help clarify the differences and similarities between MDF and Medite, helping you to make a more informed decision on your next purchase while shedding light on some premium quality composite materials.


What Is MDF?

MDF - or Medium Density Fibreboard - is an engineered composite wood material made up of hardwood or softwood that has been reduced down to wood fibres. These fibres are then formed into panels thanks to a binding combination of wax and resin at high temperature. The result is an incredibly useful building material that you can use in many practical indoor projects, before painting and glueing however you wish.

At Woodshop Direct, we recognised that MDF on its own is a great material, but we have also chosen to make it even better with our  Veneered MDF Sheeting range. This carefully constructed material consists of MDF bonded to two 0.6mm veneers of high quality timber from around the world, including Oak, Walnut, Sapele, White Beech and more. The resulting material provides you with the functional attributes of MDF and the aesthetic appeal and character of natural timber.


How Is Medite Different?

At Woodshop Direct we offer two Medite products: Medite MDF Premier and Medite MDF Moisture Resistant Sheeting.

Medite is different due to its enhanced quality compared to that of MDF. What you get when you buy Medite is a material that is engineered with a remarkably consistent composition thanks to the use of superior wood refining processes and premium resins. These combine together to give you an end product with an improved face layer, a better consistency of thickness and a smoother surface. With Medite Premier you'll also benefit from its excellent machining properties, giving your finished project a slightly higher-end appearance and finish.

Our moisture resistant option, Medite MDF MR, offers you the same benefits as Premier - such as a smooth finish, consistent quality and thickness - but it will also provide you with added resistance against moisture-prone indoor rooms. This makes it a must-have material for the kitchen and bathroom as well as other wet rooms.