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What Are The Best Woods For Furniture Projects?

17 June 2023 min read

Few interior features make a room more attractive and inviting than rich, solid, handmade wooden furniture. Whether you're putting together a quality chest of drawers, a set of chairs or the ultimate living room coffee table, the detailed wood grain and natural colours of the timber will add real value to any modern or traditional home.

So if you're relatively new to woodworking or you simply want to make sure the outcome of your next project is as good as it possibly can be, Woodshop Direct provide you with some of the very best woods that you need to build a beautiful piece of furniture today.



Probably the most popular and well-known timber choices for furniture, Woodshop supply American White Oak, European Oak Timber and Veneered MDF Crown Cut Oak to help you in every aspect and requirement of your latest project.

You'll benefit from the beautiful and high-quality look it gives your finished furniture as well as the hardness and durability of its physical properties, providing the perfect combination of visual beauty and practicality. The American and European options mean you have the choice of white and greyish-brown or yellowish-brown colour options to choose from.



A highly practical, robust and flawless-looking wood, Beech is a must-have for offices, modern abodes and more professional environments, thanks to the immaculate texture and tight grain.

Although the almost featureless look might seem unappealing or characterless to some, it works exceptionally well in a contemporary setting, giving you smart style and similar durability to oak, while glueing, screwing, nailing and polishing very effectively.



Similar to mahogany's deep and rich visual appeal, but at a much more affordable price, this stunning redwood will be a striking choice for your next furniture project, thanks to its heavy strength and durability. The distinctive colour will also darken with age and matures beautifully, while the wood itself nails, screws, glues and finishes very effectively.



A lighter choice, comparable with Beech but with an off-white and slightly more adventurous texture, Maple is smooth, modern looking and exceptionally attractive in an array of more stylish and minimalist-inspired locations. Not only will it enhance a wonderful wooden worktop or similar kitchen project - thanks to its hardness and durability - it also glues and finishes very effectively



Take your projects back to black with our strong, straight-grained Black Walnut Timber, that's simply perfect for worktops, desktops and breakfast bars. Often rich chocolate brown in colour and very versatile, this strong, coarse-grained wood is also surprisingly easy to work and can be polished effectively for a stunning finish.