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Hardwood vs Softwood: What's The Difference?

Thursday, 20th of December 2018

It may come as a surprise, but hardwoods and softwoods don't necessarily refer to the physical durability of the end product... In fact, you have to look far deeper to discover the true distinctions.

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4 Essential Benefits of Using Accoya Timber

Thursday, 31st of May 2018

Built on a foundation of technical innovation, performance and sustainability, Accoya has truly revolutionised the way we think about timber construction materials.

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Accoya: Introducing the World's Leading Long Life Sustainable Timber

Tuesday, 24th of April 2018

Meet Accoya, the world's leading, long life, sustainable timber. Highly innovative, Accoya has been recognised for its technical developments, improved performance and its sustainability, providing the perfect material for many projects. The result of decades

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The Advantages Of Oak Timber In Woodworking

Thursday, 11th of June 2015

One of the most recognizable and desired woods, Oak's remarkable strength and hardness is unquestioned within the woodworking community. For centuries, the countless varieties of this hardwood have carved their way into history, serving as planking for Viking

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Product Spotlight: European Oak Timber

Thursday, 11th of December 2014

Like the American White Oak, the European Oak is one of 600 different species of tree that belongs to the 'Quercus' family. There are actually 14 different types of oak that are indigenous to Europe, with 11 of them only being found in the more southerly regions

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