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The future of wood decking is here, and it comes in the form of Composite Decking Board. Soaring in popularity, this plastic-meets-real-wood combination board improves upon standard and sub-par decking materials with its incredibly long-lasting qualities. It's made with a blend of wood flour and plastic, bonded together to create a robust and versatile finished product that offers a spectacular spectrum of benefits in your next domestic or commercial project.

At Woodshop Direct we stock one of the best decking board brands on the market, Composite Prime. From staggering real wood textures to unrivalled deck board durability, we're going to explore exactly why you need to invest in a composite deck today.

Composite Durability

Composite decking is an expertly designed decking alternative that combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. You'll get an innovative end product that is exceptionally strong and dense as well as aesthetically beautiful and natural. Composite Prime is an incredible premium-grade product that is strong enough to withstand everything the harsh weather throws at it without affecting its appearance, even down to its high quality Composite Decking Fixings.

Sustainable, Ethical & Environmentally-Friendly

Composite Prime is at the spearhead of the eco-friendly decking market. Whereas similar brands will opt for non-recyclable plastic and non-sustainable timber materials, Prime's wood flour is sourced from ethically and sustainably managed forests and their wood polymer combines FSC 100% certified hardwood with recycled plastic.

What's more, they've recycled the equivalent of over 300 million plastic bottle caps and saved 25 million milk bottle from landfill in the eco-friendly creation of Composite Prime.

Stunning Natural Wood Appearance

Composite Prime realise that practical decking needs to be complimented with a high level finish and feel. This incredible decking option captures the rich and eye-catching natural appeal of classic timber when you choose from our Natural Woodgrain Composite Decking, available at Woodshop Direct. This range not only comes with a detailed woodgrain texture and lifelike colour that's almost identical to real timber, each board features a unique grain pattern to give your decking project even more real wood authenticity.

You can also choose from an array of finishes including the modern HD Deck XS range, giving you the option between a thin modern groove pattern on one side and a more classic wide groove design thanks to the clever 2-in-1 design.

Smart, Seamless Installation

Your Composite Prime decking system is put together using a special secret clip system, giving your finished projects a neat and smart finish. All screws and deck fixings fit seamlessly together with your decking, hiding unsightly screw heads and evidence of installation. The screws and fixings are also made from materials that can withstand years of terrible weather and extremes of temperature.

For an extra level of professionalism, you can finish off your deck with fascia boards and end caps.

Low Maintenance

Get peace of mind with your new composite decking, thanks to the virtually maintenance free design. Unlike standard timber, Composite Prime doesn't require staining, treating, coating or regular stripping. Once it's installed you'll be able to simply sit back, relax and enjoy your stunning finished surface.

Can Be Cut Just Like Wood

If you need to cut, saw or reshape your composite boards during installation, they can easily be trimmed with standard hand or machine tools in your woodworking inventory.

Safe & Mould-Resistant

Experience a non-hazardous, slip-resistant surface that won't splinter, decay, warp or rot, making it suitable for children and the elderly to use safely without fear of injury. These safety qualities can be attributed to the recycled plastic element of the wood composite that creates a surface that prevents mould and mildew from growing, reducing the risk of falls and degradation of the wood materials.

If fire safety is a priority in your next project, choose the XS Fire Decking Board from Composite Prime. Equipped with a Class B level fire rating for additional outdoor safety, this is an essential for construction and hospitality purposes - offering you the ultimate material for balconies, rooftop terraces and other projects that have high fire safety demands.

A valuable investment

We recognise that there can be a large cost attached to composite decking projects, however, it is a true long-term investment that's worth exploring.

By installing composite decking, you're completely removing the time and labour required for the maintenance of a standard wood deck and you're also guaranteed to enjoy a deck that will look smarter and show fewer signs of weathering for much, much longer. Standard wood decks and other inferior decking alternatives will typically look and perform their best for 10-15 years whereas Composite Prime's lifespan could be as much as 25-50 years, only requiring easy surface cleaning in the interim. You're paying for a deck that, once set up, can be enjoyed in any outdoor space with complete peace of mind.

Post By Ed Mason