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For most of the year, wooden furniture is tough, hardwearing and extremely resilient to the elements. But year after year of harsh winters - falling temperatures, heavy rainfall and penetrating frost - leave your outdoor furniture not only visibly worn but structurally brittle and even unsafe to use.

Although the aesthetic decline is disappointing, the results of poorly kept wood often hit your pocket the hardest, so if you’re guilty of buying or creating a beautiful bench or picnic table, erecting fence panelling or laying down decking without any means of winter-proofing, you’ll probably know the score. Woodshop Direct have put together some brilliantly simple ways to shield your furniture from everything the winter throws at it. Whether you’ve left it late this year or you’ve given it plenty of thought, we’ve got a scintillating solution for you.

What wooden surfaces typically need protecting over winter?

  • Wooden fencing and posts
  • Garage doors and side gates
  • Shed walls and shed roofs
  • Patios and decking
  • Planters
  • Garden benches, tables and features such as bird tables and arches

Is there a wood that is resistant to rot?

If you want to sidestep conventional outdoor wood protection, make our Accoya timber the basis for your next project.

Treated using a chemical process called acetylation, Accoya is not only beautiful and distinctive to look at, it’s guaranteed not to rot for 50 years outside (class 1, 2 & 3) and 25 years in the ground or immersed in fresh water (class 4).

So, how do I protect my wooden surfaces during winter?

Move your wooden furniture indoors

We know that it is largely impractical to move all your furniture indoors, but if you can move at least some of your summer chairs and tables into a shed or garage over the winter, you’ve given those timber surfaces a fighting chance of cold-weather survival.

Use a great exterior wood treatment.

At Woodshop Direct we pride ourselves on high quality timber materials, but we also endeavour to give you the best possible outdoor wood treatments on the market. Browse our complete Exterior Wood range that includes Decking Oils that prevent algae and mold growth, deep penetration Wood Preservers that come with unique micro emulsion nanotechnology and Gloss Yacht Varnish that protect against rain, frost and cracking. If you’re in need of a quick touch up, we also provide wood fillers and End-grain Protectors that will really work to weatherproof your outdoor surfaces all-year-round.

Apply a coat of exterior wood paint

Osmo Country Colour Exterior Wood Paint

Deep and rich in colour, this exterior paint retains the natural feel and texture of the wood while offering your brilliant wood both swelling and shrinkage protection, a breathable finish that won’t crack or flake and an overall weatherproof coat that can be applied to anything from fences to summer houses.

Cover up wooden furniture

This won’t work so well on fences or patios, but covering smaller items of furniture with waterproof throw-overs will give some of your favourite summer sun loungers and trusty beer perching side tables some protection while they sit unused until the Spring season comes calling.

Post By Ed Mason