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For the benefit of both the professional tradesman and hobbyist joiner, we at WoodShop Direct are always expanding our selection of cut to size wood. One of our most recent additions is our Birch Plywood sheets – a specific wood veneer designed for a variety of specific uses and jobs. In this FAQ-special post, we’ll explain exactly what Birch Plywood is, how it’s put together and how it will benefit your next project.

Q: What are Plywood Sheets?

A: Plywood sheets are manufactured by combining together several layers of wood veneer; very thin ‘slices’ of wood that are acquired either by peeling them off of the trunk or by cutting them out as large rectangular blocks. After the veneer is glued together it’s baked at a temperature at least as high as 140 °C (284 °F), and then patched re-sized or sanded. The end result is a wood product that boasts consistent panel strength, improved dimensional stability and reduced expansion and shrinkage. Quite light in comparison to its strength, our Plywood sheets are able to cut and finish well, due in part to the quality of the wood itself...

Q: Why Birch Plywood in particular?

Bonded through the use of a hot press, the Birch veneers that make up our Plywood sheets boast specific qualities to suit its intended use. Whilst birch plywood is often employed in making furniture, walls/ceilings, claddings and fascias, its most notable use is in model making for certain vehicles, particular aircraft – in fact it’s actually also known as Aircraft Plywood.

From WWII planes and experimental craft to narrowboats, birch plywood is perfect when structural integrity, a low overall weight, and water resistance are key. There are numerous reasons for this: the adhesives used in production grant it increased resistance to heat and humidity, its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of designs and sizes, and the light colour of Birch also adds to the aesthetic quality of the wood.

Q: How Can it be ordered?

WoodShop Direct offers Birch Plywood to your exact specifications. Our choice of thicknesses range from 1.5mm – 24mm, and you can select the preferred size in millimeters, centimeters or inches. Once selected, the price of your Birch Plywood will be automatically calculated at checkout, and will usually be shipped within 3-5 days.

If you have any questions for a future FAQ blog looking at our range of cut-to-size wood products, or if you want ideas for woodwork projects or techniques, keep an eye on the WoodShop Direct Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage