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With only 11 days to go until Christmas, the Christmas decorations are up, the Christmas tree has been bought and the festivities will soon be kicking in. The shops are lined with Christmas decorations at this time of the year but it's often difficult to find something that bit different. There's nothing more unique and special than making your own unique rustic Christmas decorations and ornaments from scratch. So why not get crafty in time for Christmas, gather your pieces of wood and any other accessories you may need. It's relatively cost free and you can even get your children involved, here are some of our favourite DIY wood Christmas ornaments ideas that you can give a try this year.

Wooden Tree Ornament

Incredibly easy to make, this charming wooden tree ornament can be hung or displayed on your table. You just need small offcuts of wood cut into varying sizes starting with the largest lengths at the bottom and slowly getting smaller as you work your way up to the top. These can be attached together with super glue for a quick finish, then all you need to do is add a small chunk to the bottom for the trunk and attach a hook to the top and thread a pretty Christmas ribbon through it so it can be hung up. Children can fully get involved in this little project too once the pieces of wood have been cut to your desired length.

Twiggy Stars

Who said making DIY decorations had to be hard? You don't even need off cuts of wood for these. Looking incredibly rustic once finished, these twiggy stars are constructed with twigs as their foundations and to form the shape this is then bound together with colourful pieces of raffia for a really natural finish. Again these look great hung onto a tree or placed around your mantelpiece.

Wooden Christmas Shaped Ornaments

All you need are some old bits of wood you have lying around and some white paint to craft these. Firstly pick a festive stencil that you want to use for the ornament such as a bell or a star. Place this over the wood and cut it to the desired shape. Once done drill a hole through the top which you can use to add a piece of ribbon through or a piece of twine for a more rustic look. Make it a really shabby chic piece by distressing it with white paint, it's then ready to hang in your chosen room!

Tree Trunk Ornament

There's nothing as crafty as being able to see that a real piece of nature has been used to craft an ornament. You may not have a tree trunk at your disposal, but if you do, the smallest circumference of the trunk the better. This ornament can easily be created by sawing a thin piece of the trunk, this can then be sanded down for a smooth finish. Like the wooden Christmas shaped ornaments drill a hole through the top so that it can be hung up with a festive ribbon. If it's too heavy to hang up it can still be used as an ornament. To finish it off add a festive image or wording to the centre of the trunk such as 'Joy'.

Wooden Candle Holder

Creating a warming and relaxing atmosphere in your home at Christmas can easily be achieved by lighting a beautifully scented candle that gently flickers and lights up your home. You can craft your very own wooden candle holder by finding an obscure piece of deep wood that can have an appropriate sized hole drilled into it to accommodate your candle. Ideal for candles long, small, thick and thin! Create enough to display across your whole house!

As you can see you can create some really rustic and homely Christmas wood ornaments that are perfect for transforming your house into a festive wonderland. There are hundreds of ideas out there, but these are a few of our tried and tested ideas that we think you'll all love too! Look out for future blog posts on our Facebook page, Twitter and/orGoogle+.

Post By Nicole Sage