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Wood is a hugely practical and functional form of building material that can be cut, shaped, and manipulated in many different ways... It's also an extraordinarily expressive medium for artists to carve out their unique creative vision.

We've already looked into '9 Amazing Timber Structures From Around The World', now we're going to delve into our favourite artistic sculptures made using wood as their primary building material.

Crack And Warp Column

David Nash's 'Crack and Warp Column' is made from carved oak columns that have been individually split and distorted to create a striking effect.

Historical Wooden Tableau Sculpture

Zheng Chunhui created this breathtaking 40 foot sculpture based on a famous painting called “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.”

Wooden Seats

Pull up a chair... Or maybe 400 with this striking wooden seat inspired sculpture from visionaries Yon Ju Lee and Brian Brush from New York.

Spaghetti Bench

Continuing the sitting theme, 'Spaghetti Bench' by Pablo Reinoso has a surrealist's eye for detail. Sustaining the practical functionality of an everyday park bench, this unique sculpture has a powerful, transformative quality, that ends with each plank sprawling like tendrils of a climbing plant.


This wooden sculpture by German artist Wolfgang Stiller turns the 'head of a match' into something hauntingly literal.

Wood Shaving Sculpture

It's hard to believe that this almost porcelain-like model was crafted using blocks of wood, adorned with stripped and frayed texture. This sculpture juxtaposes the concepts of perfection and deterioration in one powerful piece.

Life-Like Handcrafted Wooden People

Peter Demetz takes the idea of wooden people and turns up the sense of realism. Notable for his incredible attention to detail, Demetz' sculptures rarely ever face the viewer, which works to enhance the natural, photographic sense of capturing a moment in real time.

World's Largest Wooden Sculpture...

Carved from a single rosewood tree trunk, this enormous lion sculpture from Dengding Rui Yao measures 47.5 feet long x 16.4 feet high x 13.1 feet wide. It resides in Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, China and took the artist and a team of 20 assistants around 3 years to complete.

Post By Ed Mason