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If you're weighing up the options for potential floor surfaces around your home, you may be faced with the confusing question of which is better; hardwood or laminate?

Laminate flooring tends to get a bad reputation for being an inferior material, particularly in traditional or country style settings. However, a great quality laminate flooring could be one of the greatest interior investments you make, saving you time, money, and maintenance in the long run as well as the installation process.

Woodshop Direct stock Haro Tritty laminate flooring, promising all the efficiency and cost-effective benefits you would expect, with an unrivalled visual aesthetic and composition that consists almost entirely of beautiful, natural wood.

Still not convinced?

We'll take you through our top 7 reasons for choosing a new laminate flooring today.

Burn, Scratch And Impact Resistant

Laminate flooring is made almost entirely from wood with a durable overlay of melamine and beautiful laminate all pressed together to create a super strong 'abrasion-resistant' surface. This prevents against long-term damage and abrasion caused by office chairs, heavy furniture, stiletto heels and even cigarette burns.

Quick To Install

Laminate flooring is easy to install, but thanks to Haro Tritty's unique 'Top Connect' installation system, you'll have a completely hassle-free experience by simply clicking and connecting each board into place.

It's Indistinguishable From Real Wood

Haro Tritty is crafted from a few key materials that attribute to its strength and beauty, but it's natural wood that makes up 90% of the overall composition. This really helps to emphasise all the grain detail, textures and organic intricacies of the source material, giving life and natural authenticity to any classic or contemporary home.

Suits Nearly All The Rooms In Your Home

Haro flooring can be used pretty much anywhere, as long as it isn't a wet room or similar space where water drains away over floor space. Woodshop Direct stock a selection of shades and textures to create a sublime look in any home or professional space. Whether you're searching for a dark, rich Italian Walnut finish for your open plan office or a light and breezy Oak Vienna for your cosy living room, we've got what you need to help you get creative with your flooring.

Low Maintenance 

The protective laminate layer is incredibly easy to keep clean. Dirt, dust and grim can be quickly wiped away with a soft fibre cloth - no scrubbing, deep cleaning, sanding, staining or waxing is required for an immaculate looking floor.

No Gaps!

The unique wood, melamine and laminate composition of this type of flooring makes the material far less susceptible to moisture penetration and heat distortion - protected the boards from warping, which could ordinarily produce unsightly gaps and a curling of the floorboards on traditional hardwood floors.

Great News For Allergy Sufferers

Carpets quickly become a hive for dust mites, dirt, pet hair and pathogens... But when it comes to laminate flooring, the sleek, smooth surface makes it incredibly hard for microscopic pests and allergens to thrive and impact your health. Use a microfibre mop when cleaning and you'll be able to keep asthma and other problems at bay with ease.

Post By Ed Mason