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You've just installed your brand new kitchen worktop but how do you care for it?

Starting off with a great quality worktop is the best way to guarantee the long life of your kitchen work surfaces and knowing how to look after your functional wood features will guarantee a long life for many years to come...

At Woodshop Direct we produce a wide range of tough, durable wooden worktops made from rich black walnut through to sleek Canadian hard maple.

Woodshop Direct have compiled a list of everything you need to do to keep your worktops clean, protected and looking great all-year-round

#1. Use oil not varnish! If you're looking to add a beautiful finish to furniture then go for a varnish, but when it comes to worktops, you need something that's going to be more practical and protective.

This is where interior oil treatments come in...

Using something like Osmo 3032 Polyx Clear Oil will give your worktop a water and spill shielding finish thanks to the elastic micro-porous formula whilst enhancing the natural beauty of your chosen wood. The advantage of using something like Osmo is that when it dries, it's utterly safe for all human, animal and even plant contact.

#2. Watch out for heat sources. Hot pans and scolding kitchen utensils can cause unsightly scorch marks on your kitchen worktops, so either let your tools and crockery cool down on the hob first or invest in 'cool tools' or cooling plates to prevent damage.

#3. Refrain from using any harsh cleaners on your worktop. Following oil treatment, clean with warm soap and water, followed by a towel to mop up any residue and left over moisture. For more stubborn grease, dried on food and other stains, create a bicarbonate of soda and water-based paste, working in the cleaner carefully into the wood as to not damage the surface.

#4. Always mop up spillages, water from washing up and similar liquids and foods straight away otherwise you could stain your work surface.

#5. Never cut directly onto your worktop if you're preparing food! Knife marks not only cause aesthetic damage, but scratches and deep score marks can also increase the risk of hygiene issues and bacteria retention on your worktop.

#6. Re-oil every 6 months. The secret to protecting your kitchen worktops is to oil and then re-oil every 6 months to sustain that strong, glossy, waterproof finish.

Post By Ed Mason