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New year’s resolutions are normally dropped after a month, if not a week after they’re set. The nice thing about woodworking projects is they’re made for the long haul, and allow anyone with even an ounce of dedication to drop in and out as they wish.

Whether you want something practical or decorative, the following woodwork project ideas for 2017 represent a range of skill levels and complexity, and will leave with something worthwhile whenever they finally see completion.

#1 Lounger

This two board backyard lounger is a great project idea for new woodworkers, as well as lazy experts looking to make their own lazy chair! It can take as little as one afternoon to put together, with nothing more complicated than a circular saw and a cordless drill.

So you end up with something worth sitting on, make sure you check for bows, twists crooks in the wood. If the board is slightly deformed you might still be able to use small pieces, but otherwise it would be a shame to start your 2017 woodworking projects with poor lumber!

#2 Boardgame

2017 should be the year that we move away from electronic distractions, and reconnect with games that promote logic, skill and strategy. And nothing will get your game going then constructing a one-of-a-kind boardgame board and/or set. Whether you want to go with a classic game (chess, checkers, dominoes) or something more contemporary, like Bōku.

You can find free woodworking boardgame plans for just about every game under the sun. Naturally some will take longer depending on the number of pieces and their complexity, but it shouldn’t take you too long before you have a handcraft board to cherish year after year.

#3 A pair of sawhorses

One of the most dependable woodworking projects is building something that will actually aid future projects. In this regard we highly recommend these plans for an i-beam style sawhorse. Designed to increase the sacrificial surface by twofold, and provide much more of a clamping area.

With just five 2x4’s and just under 50 screws, you can create a four-legged beam that is easily portable, relatively small and stackable.#4 A pet bed

If you plan to welcome a new cat or dog into the family in 2017, don’t settle for a flimsy or overpriced animal bed when you can easily make one yourself. There’s nothing quite as quaint or adorable as a DIY pallet dog bed, or a cat perch made entirely at home. It’s one of the best projects to get children involved in, especially the post-building decoration, and you can easily adjust the dimensions of each project to suit the size and sleeping needs of your breed.

#5 An Art Tool!

One can never have too many hobbies, and woodworking goes particularly well with painting, drawing and the like. The natural next step then is to make your 2017 woodworking project something that furthers another creative passion. Items like a paint palette, box or easel. You could also put together a drawing table, box for your pencils, graphite and charcoals or some kind of chalkboard for planning. Even if your artistic endeavours are mostly digital, you can still create a wooden platform for your trackpad, or stand for your monitor.

Post By Andersen May