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Exterior wooden furniture in garden and outdoor areas is often subjected to harsh rain, wind and snow. This not only leaves these pieces looking tired and scruffy, it can also drastically reduce the life of the timber and even compromise the structural quality and reliability of the wood itself.

In this blog, discover the essential products needed to prepare, finish and care for your woodworking projects, timber surfaces and outdoor furniture as the storm clouds gather.


Before you buy anything, consider where your outdoor furniture is located. Is it covered under a veranda or roofed patio for most of the time? Is it living in your garage during the autumn and winter months or will it be exposed to the elements all year round? If your benches, chairs, picnic tables or similar items of woodwork are going to be left open to year-round rain, wind and snow, then you absolutely need to protect it.

More seasonal pieces may require a little less care and attention, but if you're wondering how to keep your summer furniture protected against harsh UV rays, we recommend reading our blog: 'How To Protect Your Wooden Furniture From The Sun' before going any further.

Use An Exterior Wood Paint

Wood paints designed specifically for outdoor jobs will provide long-term protection against extreme weather conditions. Not only will you be giving your woodworking projects and timber surfaces a stunning visual appearance, but you'll also be creating a durable coated shield against driving rain, snow, and similar harsh conditions.

A product like Osmo Country Colour Exterior Wood Paint will leave a special microporous and water repellent finish that won't crack, flake, peel or blister. Once applied it will also prevent wood from swelling and shrinkage, helping to protect the structural integrity of your wooden furniture.

Primers & Preservers

Protect bare exterior wood surfaces with Rustins Aluminium Hardwood Primer; a unique aluminium pigment that provides superior water resistance to pink and white wood primers.

When using a primer, bare in mind that this will be the first coat that you apply. After application of the primer, you'll need to add another coat of suitable paint over the top.

You can also use an Advanced Wood Preserver that's formulated with unique micro-emulsion nanotechnology that will protect against wood rotting fungi in exterior settings. Once applied to either wet or dry timbers it will have a deep penetration effect and offer you long-lasting protection.

Waterproof Assembly & Repair

Wudcare Superfast PVA Waterproof Adhesive has a rapid bonding effect with unbreakable structural strength when applied to wood. It is so weatherproof and water resistant it can be immersed fully in seawater. Whether you're repairing wooden furniture for outside use or you're creating a timber piece from scratch, this adhesive is suitable for use on virtually all woods, wood veneers, mouldings and high-pressure decorative laminates.

Apply An All-Weather Varnish

Rustins Yacht Varnish, available in both Satin and Gloss finishes, will provide maximum protection and durability to marine-purpose and outdoor woodwork. Great for a wide range of different timber surfaces, it will give you solid resistance to rain, sunlight, frost, salt and chemically polluted atmospheres. Also, the special flexible adhesion will not flake or peel when correctly applied, creating a reliable seal against the elements.

Post By Ed Mason