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Whether you wanted your own treehouse as a child or you're looking for a paradise getaway as an adult, there are many idyllic and dreamlike places you can escape to. Woodshop Direct have put together a list of our favourite wooden treehouses from all corners of the globe.

The Lodge on Loch Goil

Positioned up in the branches of a picturesque pine tree overlooking Loch Goil, this stunning wooden tree house is like something from another world. A popular wedding retreat that any couple will enjoy, you'll feel endlessly enriched by the surrounding landscape as you enjoy a fine dining with your other half.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its spectacular scenery, but hidden away in a redwood forest is this dreamlike treetop restaurant. Perfect for special events, The Yellow Treehouse is a visual melding of a seed pod and an insect chrysalis, suiting the wilderness backdrop.

Living Room Treehouses, Wales

Hidden away in a secret valley, the Living Room Treehouses are designed for families to live in - featuring a kitchen, living space and bathrooms. Perfect for taking a break away from the pace of modern life, these treehouses are an incredibly artistic experience you'll simply love.

Teahouse Tetsu, Japan

Situated in Yamanashi, this arresting treehouse is inspired by dreamlike anime and Manga artistry. Built from timber and stone by architect Terunobu Fujimori, when you open the blinds you'll be immersed in a vista of heavenly cherry blossoms.

The Bird’s Nest Tree House, Sweden

The Bird's Nest treehouse is a haven of relaxation that couples from around the world will flock to. Featuring an exterior design that resembles a giant bird-built structure and an interior that is built for your comfort, this striking creation was conceived by Scandinavian architects who combined practicality and unique design work where the inside contrasts beautifully with the outside.

Post By Ed Mason