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With a plethora of planed all round timber to choose from, it can be easy to forget exactly how important plywood is to the construction process.

Known for its sheer functionality and strength, plywood is primarily regarded as a no-frills construction material. But, in fact, there are many overlooked and under-appreciated benefits connected with plywood that deserve to be talked about.

To celebrate this brilliant multi-layered material, Woodshop Direct have put together some of the top reasons to love plywood - if you didn't already!

Plywood Is Tough

How strong is plywood? The proof of its robust composition can really be explained through the number of demanding jobs that it can be used in, from furniture and staircases to shipbuilding and even in building homes.

Plywood consists of plies of wooden veneer that are adhered together to create sandwich-like layers. The strength comes from continuously crossing the grain of the individual plies, which prevents splitting, expanding, shrinking and general warping while promoting all-round stability.

Plywood Is More Attractive Than You Think

Plywood is known for its functional strength and practicality, but what's often overlooked is its aesthetic value in the art world. Although plywood is primarily known for its rigidity, artists like David Knopp have managed to subvert the expectations of what plywood can do by transforming it into fluid and beautifully undulating works of art.

Plywood Is Eco-Friendly

Compared to thick, chunky solid wood timber, plywood uses fewer natural resources due to its efficient composition, which only requires very slim sheets of wood to be taken from logs to create the finished product. Also, the logs don't need to be particularly high quality or strong in the first place (because they end up being reduced to slimmer sheets) making plywood a construction material that is moving with the times.

Year on year, we are discovering that our customers are becoming more environmentally aware and are striving for not only brilliant quality products but more sustainable ones too.

At Woodshop Direct we comply with a comprehensive environmental policy which covers everything from responsible timber purchasing through to carbon emissions monitoring and waste management. Our plywood products come under this umbrella, and by choosing a bespoke, cut-to-size order from Woodshop, you'll get just the right amount of material you need with minimal wastage, attributing to the completion of a more 'green' finishing project.

Plywood Is Large & Affordable

Plywood sheeting is relatively inexpensive compared to quality solid wood timber - particularly when comparing similar dimensions - and you'll probably find that you're able to get more material for less. Although you are essentially paying for the characteristics and physical qualities of solid wood timber, plywood is not to be underestimated. In fact, there are many occasions where opting for a flawless building material that lacks some of the more desirable, expressive details such as knots and wood grain, will simply be more practical and more viable for less visually focussed projects.

Post By Ed Mason