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Get familiar with Accoya. A product of science-led research and ingenious processes, this cutting-edge timber is a leading name in modern woodworking, offering unparalleled benefits and advantages over other construction materials.

If you still need convincing, Woodshop have put together a selection of the key benefits and unique properties that make Accoya the timber of today and tomorrow.

#1. An unrivalled lifespan - Accoya boasts a 50-year warranty above ground and 25 years in freshwater environments.

#2. Incredibly hard and strong - Accoya is created using the science-led process of acetylation, where the cell structure of the wood is altered to improve its technical properties, enhancing its strength and durability.

#3. Supreme stability - Accoya is a very low movement wood that has been tested so that it won't shrink, distort or swell. This makes it a brilliant choice for windows and doors - opening smoothly and reducing the chance of sticking.

#4. All weathers and conditions - whether you're in the height of summer or the depths of winter, Accoya can withstand any extreme climate or harsh weather conditions.

#5. A multitude of uses and applications - Accoya has been used for windows, doors and façade cladding, walkways and decking, garden furniture and play equipment, boat building, marinas and even cycling velodromes.

#6. Insect-proof - wood-destroying pests such as termites and certain beetles find Accoya indigestible, this, therefore, reduces damage and provides a reliable shield against future attacks.

#7. Eco-friendly - Accoya is sourced exclusively from abundant and sustainable fast-growing forests, helping to reduce the depletion of slow-growing hardwood alternatives.

#8. Easy to paint and finish - due to its modified cell structure, Accoya wood can take coatings such as paints and varnishes exceptionally well.

#9. Suitable for listed buildings - restoration and repair work on sash windows in listed buildings or buildings within conservation areas can be done using Accoya Timber.

#10. Completely recyclable - when choosing Accoya, you won't be contributing to landfill or any negative environmental practices. It can be recycled like any other reusable wood material. Furthermore, the purchase of Accoya through Woodshop Direct is also a sustainable process - read our full Environmental Policy Statement here.

#11. A beautiful, everlasting finish - the stunningly smooth, natural and attractive finish of Accoya is why top architects and manufacturers love using it and the reason why it looks so good on modern or traditional homes.

#12. Highly insulating - Accoya comes with great energy conservation properties; insulating your home and saving on energy bills and eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.

#13. CO₂ Capturing Properties - due to its incredibly long lifespan, Accoya has more carbon sequestration advantages. This means, that over the course of its life, Accoya will lock in more carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.

#14. Available at Woodshop Direct! We stock Planed All Round and Sawn State Accoya timber that is cut to your exact measurements and dimensional requirements for any project you have in mind.

Post By Ed Mason