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Whether you're looking for a new kitchen worktop, office desktop or utility room surface, you'll likely be weighing up the pros and cons of glass, granite, timber, quartz, laminate or something very similar.

While all these materials have their benefits, none combine durability, versatility and practicality quite like a solid wooden worktop...

However, probably the biggest draw for any interior design project is that wood is beautiful in nearly any situation and almost every home.

So if you're on the fence about your next material of choice, Woodshop Direct are here to remove all doubt from your mind, giving you our smartest reasons for choosing a wooden worktop - right now!

#1. They're completely unique: Thanks to the detailed grain patterns and swirling textured details of wood, each and every worktop is as unique as a fingerprint and a completely personal statement wherever you install it.

#2. Natural: In a consumers' world increasingly defined by disposable products, immediacy over quality and what's "on-trend" over what's timeless, we believe that wood offers you something that is of a completely higher standard; closer to the natural world, classic, more impressive and long-lasting...

#3. Strong and durable: Our high quality selection of worktops - in particular, maple and oak hardwoods - are exceptionally tough, hardwearing and resilient to everyday scratches and other imperfections.

#4. Easy to repair yourself: Unlike granite or marble, most damage to timber - within reason - can be sanded away, resurfaced and reoiled easily, without unnecessary expense or professional help required.

#5. They're versatile: Whether you live in a modern townhouse, a city apartment or a rustic country cottage, wooden worktops never look out of place and can accommodate a wide range of different uses. You can use our worktops at Woodshop Direct for kitchen surfaces, sink and island worktops, office desktops, bathrooms, breakfast bars and more.

#6. They get better with age: Providing you look after your worktop, the natural ageing process will mature the timber, deepening the colour and accentuating the patina in some cases. Unlike plastic worktops that will just look tired and scruffy as time goes on, wood will become more characterful the longer you own it.

#7. Antibacterial: Studies suggest that the "hygroscopic properties and extractives" that make up the natural composition of wood give it superior hygiene properties compared to plastic surfaces. This was confirmed in a study called: Survival of bacteria on wood and plastic particles: Dependence on wood species and environmental conditions.

Other studies also showed that "both e. coli and listeria bacteria gradually died on a wood surface, but survived on a glass plate serving as a control."

So if you're looking for a more germ-free food preparation area, wooden worktops are your best bet.

#8. Easy to cut to the size of your choice: At Woodshop Direct you can create a worktop according to the exact wood type, widths, lengths, thicknesses and edge finishes of your choice, allowing you to input your measurements at home while we create your very own, precision sawed worktop to your individual requirements - slotting in perfectly, anywhere you choose.

#9. Sound Absorbing Properties: Kitchens are noisy places made noisier by tile and glass surfaces and ceramic tableware reflecting sound and amplifying it around your home. The integration of wooden surfaces can actually dull and dampen sound, making your kitchen more of a serene space and less harsh on the ears!

#10. Low maintenance - Providing you look after your worktop, it is very easy to swerve any high maintenance repairs, so make sure you do the following:

  • Mop up any liquid spills or general wet patches as quickly as possible from the time they appear to protect against the onset of mould and rot.
  • Avoid placing any hot pans, utensils or similar heated items on your worktop to prevent black scorch marks from appearing.
  • Never cut directly onto a wooden worktop - always use chopping boards when slicing meat, fruit or vegetables.
  • Oil every 6 months and your worktop will last several lifetimes.

#11. Eco-friendly: At Woodshop Direct we aim to produce all our timber according to a detailed Environmental Policy that encompasses a Timber Purchasing Policy, Carbon Emissions Policy and Waste Management Policy.

Woodshop Direct is committed to...

  • Obtaining its timber and timber products from legal and responsibly managed sources.
  • Minimising the company’s carbon footprint by efficient use of energy and investment in appropriate technologies.
  • Maximising reuse, recycling or energy recovery to minimise waste sent to landfill.
  • Our extracted wood waste is a carbon-neutral process recycled into wood briquettes and is sold for household wood-burning stoves.

#12. Not as costly as you imagine: Although wooden worktops may be considered expensive, when comparing the complete spectrum of worktop choices available from laminate through to granite marble, timber surfaces are actually midrange in terms of cost and are very reasonably priced considering their quality, longevity and aesthetic value.

Post By Ed Mason