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How Can I Protect Garden Furniture Over Winter?

Monday, 12th of October 2020

For most of the year, wooden furniture is tough, hardwearing and extremely resilient to the elements. But year after year of harsh winters - falling temperatures, heavy rainfall and penetrating frost - leave your outdoor furniture not only visibly worn but

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How Do You Apply Wood Veneer Edging Strips?

How Do You Apply Wood Veneer Edging Strips?

Monday, 28th of September 2020

Real wood veneer edging strips are a woodworking essential for finishing off shelving, bookcases, cabinets and similar projects made from plywood. When working with plywood you’ll discover that you’re left with a bare edge that will reveal the different

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12 Smart Reasons Why You Should Choose A Wooden Worktop

Tuesday, 3rd of March 2020

Whether you're looking for a new kitchen worktop, office desktop or utility room surface, you'll likely be weighing up the pros and cons of glass, granite, timber, quartz, laminate or something very similar.

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What Are The Best Woods To Use For Pyrography?

Monday, 17th of February 2020

Setting the craft scene ablaze - pyrography is a trend that is slowly rising in popularity by taking ordinary materials and turning them into something extraordinary.

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Which Wood Is Best For Carving?

Wednesday, 28th of August 2019

When it comes to wood, each and every type has its very own aesthetic beauty, personality and physical attributes. This means that some species are naturally more suited to some tasks than others.

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