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Treatment, protection and preservation is a practise frequently associated with shielding your outdoor wood from the elements. But if you want to keep your floors, door and furniture strong and looking brilliant, it's important that you have the right products to hand... So what are the most essential interior treatments available?

Woodshop Direct have put together a selection of our favourite methods for sustaining and protecting your indoor woods, keeping them looking immaculate all-year-round.

Interior Oil

When it comes to prepping outdoor wood, the oils on offer are fairly straightforward, but due to the various different interior surfaces around your home, you'll need something slightly more tailored to your specific project.

Furniture - For tables, chairs, wardrobes and similar indoor furniture, consider Rustins® Danish Oil. The specially formulated blend penetrates deep into the wood with a subtle, low shine finish, drying to leave a water-resistant film-free coating that will not scratch or chip.

Doors - Osmo 3060 Door-Oil is designed specifically for wooden doors. The unique oil and wax blend protects against common household substances without cracking, flaking or peeling over time.

Worktops & Joinery - For work surfaces, shelves and everything else, consider the Osmo 3058 Top Oil Clear Matt 0.5L. This robust polyx-oil naturally repels liquid stains and moisture that can occur in kitchens, bathrooms and around the home. The oil also naturally enhances the visual appeal of the wood with a shine-free appearance.

Flooring - For something extra durable, the Osmo Polyx-Oil provides a super tough and water-repellent finish that penetrates deep into the structure of the wood to form an elastic micro-porous veneer. Polyx-Oil also gives you peace of mind due to the people, animal and plant friendly formula.

Protective Coats

Sometimes regularly used furniture and high traffic areas require a little extra protection. In this case, consider a wood protector that will provide a superior level of physical protection. The Osmo Wood Protector should be used as a base coat before applying Polyx-Oil as a finishing treatment coat as mentioned in the previous section.



Detailed Treatments

The devil is in the detail, and sometimes the more nuanced wooden elements around your home deserve a little extra attention. Use Rustins Button Polish on all furniture, timber frames and even wooden musical instruments to bring the natural colour back to life and restore the original finish to specific tired areas and worn-out patches. Rustins also offer knot sealing and high gloss, French polish solutions for traditional furniture that requires more of a specialist finishing touch.


Spray Cleaner - Osmo 8026 Spray Cleaner uses a blend of mild biodegradable soaps and oils to prevent treated interior wood from drying out due to regular cleaning.

Brush Cleaner - Any everyday or professional woodworker needs to have a quality brush cleaner to keep utensils in great condition. Our Osmo cleaner is specially formulated to extend the life of your work tools, cutting through and washing away the residue left after wax, oil or paint treatments.


Wood Glue - Every woodshop, garage or workspace needs Interior Fast Grab Wood Glue. If you're searching for an indoor adhesive that bonds in 10 minutes, dries clear and works on any wood surface around your home, then opt for this versatile glue from Polyvine.

Wood Filler -  Whether you're smoothing over signs of wear and tear or planning your next renovation project, Osmo Water-based Woodfiller is a crack and edge filler, wood putty and sanding sealer all combined into one essential product. It works brilliantly alongside all your waxes, oils and varnishes, making it a must-have component for rejuvenating old or damaged timber around your home.

Post By Ed Mason