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A hand crafted wooden Christmas tree continues to be a firm festive favourite that looks rustic, shabby chic and suits most home interiors. This is easily one of our favourite wooden crafts for this season and it's remarkably easy to make, after all Christmas trees always become the main centerpiece in a home during the holidays. There are many different styles of wooden Christmas trees that you can create, all with their own unique style that is eco-friendly & economical! One of our favourites that we wanted to share with you is this DIY Wooden Tree that can be created with scraps of driftwood, pallets of wood or with sturdy tree branches - all of these resources are available to us and the more gnarly the wood the more rustic the finished product will be!

This wooden Christmas tree is so easy to construct and is a great way to get everyone involved in the festivities, and the equipment should be readily available to you.

You will need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Wooden Pallets or Long sticks
  • Wood glue
  • One wooden dowel
  • Spade drill bit
  1. First you will need to build the base, this becomes the main foundations and will hold your tree in one place so it needs to be strong. Do this by making an X shape with two pieces of wood preferably flat pieces that are 18 inches 2x2s. Secure these together with wood glue and allow this to dry completely.
  2. Once this has been left to dry, drill a one inch hole 1 1/4 inch into the centre of the wood with the spade drill bit. Add a bit of wood glue to the hole and insert the wooden dowel, hold this down so it's vertically straight and allow to dry.
  3. Once dry gather as many branches as you want for the tree in differing sizes, starting with the bigger ones at the bottom and gradually using short lengths for the top. These can be added to the tree by drilling holes through the centre of the branches with the spade bits and threading it down over the the wooden dowel.
  4. It really is as simple as that! But then the fun really can begin with the decorating of the tree. You can make your tree look even more rustic with shabby chic decorations, ribbons or twine. You can also finish it off with some twinkly fairy lights and topping it with a star or an angel!
Hey presto! You've fashioned yourself an organic & rustic Christmas tree that looks great and is good for the environment. It goes without saying that these also make great additions to the garden and these can be topped with garden Christmas lights to withstand the wintry weather! Will you have a go at crafting a home-made wooden Christmas tree this year? Do let us know on our Facebook page.

Post By Nicole Sage