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heart-843385_640Once your woodworking hobby takes off, you'll find yourself with the never-ending requirement for space and an array of cut off's of wood left lying around with no direction for a future project. With an abundance of woodworking projects available on the net these days you'll be sure to find a small woodworking project to use up even the smallest piece of wood. Not only do these wood projects help to use up your supplies, the smaller projects are great for beginners that will get you comfortable with the basics of wood building. After scouring the net for inspiration here are 5 of the best small wood projects that are handy and won't take you a huge amount of time to complete!


Wall Pockets

Whether you have leftover pieces of wood or old wooden bowls you can easily function them into  wall pockets by cutting them into the desired pouch size, or by cutting a wooden bowl in half, these can then be attached to a pre-existing wooden board or another leftover plank of wood and simply mounted onto it. These can be painted and decorated how you wish and will create a great space saving function in your room.

Abstract Owls

Why not show off your artistic side by transforming a plank of wood into an amazing Abstract Owl. By cutting the wood to the desired size, you can decorate the owl how you wish and even attach another smaller piece of wood to create arms and eyes. Once finished simply hang on a wall or use as a display in a garden, this small DIY really is as easy as it seems!

Wooden Log Table

If you have wooden logs leftover from a log fire or a previous DIY project you can create the simplest table for your garden by grouping together a collection of logs and binding them with a strap, rope or whatever you can get your hands on, be creative! Once finished you could even function a circular piece of wood to go on top if you had the supplies. The finished piece is an incredibly rustic piece of furniture that money can't buy.

Hanging candles

A perfect bit of DIY for your garden and outdoor space that won't take you long to function at all! Grab a plank of wood and cut to your desired size, it can be as big or as small as you like. Then decide how many lights you want to dangle from the plank and execute circular holes in the wood that are big enough to slot your bottles into without falling out. Once completed drill 2 holes into the end of each side which you will use to attach the string to hang up to a roof, wall or piece of furniture. Once completed simply slot the bottles into the hole and fill with a candle - this is a great shabby chic piece of furniture that can be adapted to suit your purpose.

Alternative Christmas Tree

Despite being September, as it does every year we are sure that Christmas will arrive before we know it! This alternative Christmas tree has been created by using planks of wood with varying different sizes, the perfect way to use up your oddly sized leftovers, once screwed together and draped with fairy lights it would make an excellent tree for your garden, that looks completely unique and is fun to make!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for practical woodworking projects, you can share both their plans and finished photos on our Facebook page, Twitter and/or Google+.


Post By Nicole Sage