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It doesn't matter if your home has a rustic country quality or a trendy modern look , a solid timber worktop is a completely timeless fitting for any project you have in mind. But beyond the aesthetic value, wooden worktops also have an array of other features that make them desirable - Woodshop Direct have put together a list of the most interesting, useful and surprising reasons for owning a timber worktop.

#1. They're Unique

Installing a timber worktop is like introducing a new piece of beautiful furniture into your home - but not only that, each worktop is as unique as a fingerprint. Whether you choose American Black Walnut, Iroko timber or anything else we have on offer, you can be sure that no two worktops will look alike. This means that either your country cottage or modern town house will be immediately enriched with a real sense of character.

#2. Timeless

Timber worktops are in many ways a trend-less feature to add to your home. Never out of style, you'll rest assured that the stunning aesthetic qualities of a great wooden worktop or countertop will guarantee that your kitchen or dining room will always look stylish and fresh as decor crazes come and go.

#3. They Kill Bacteria

Timber worktops are very hygienic due to the wood's natural antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of microorganisms, providing a defensive shield that helps to protect you and those in your house against harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria.

#4. They're Tough

Wooden worktops are durable, solid and an extremely long lasting option, so investing in great quality timber will mean you always have an enduring and robust surface that you can work on at home or work every single day. Although timber is dense, compared to granite or marble surfaces it has a slightly more absorbent quality, particularly where sounds are concerned, meaning that they're actually a far quieter and more user-friendly material for working on in echoey kitchens and similar workspaces.

#5. They're Affordable

As a work surface material, timber is relatively affordable considering its durability and visual appeal - a great in-between, wood is a better quality option than the cheaper laminated alternatives, but also considerably less expensive than hard stones such as granite and marble.

If you're looking to transform your home or work space into a functional and attractive environment, then take a look at our complete range of Extra Wide Planed All Round Timber, here.

Post By Ed Mason