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With the spooky season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get crafty at home using some spare pieces of wood for your next project. Providing a great opportunity to get creative in October, you can transform your home from cosy to haunted with these scary craft ideas. You also don’t need to be a skilled woodworker as you can get the whole family involved and prepared for the creepiest time of year. Whether you’re hosting a fun Halloween bash, or you simply love celebrating this freaky holiday, here are our favourite Halloween wooden craft ideas!

1. Spooky Letters
Put your carving skills to the test by cutting out some spooky letters with wood and painting them for display in your house. Use words such as ‘boo’, ‘beware’ or ‘trick or treat’ for simple but effective decoration!

2. Wooden Halloween Bunting
Paint different Halloween themed images onto triangular pieces of wood for spooky bunting displays around your home or garden. You can tie them together with pieces of string or wire for hanging around your furniture.

3. Wooden Pillars
Frighten guests at the door by creating some orange or black coloured wooden pillars or posts which you can plant into the ground by the entrance. Add phrases or pictures for a creepy look.

4. Scarecrow
Ideal for decorating your garden with the spare wood you have, you can be as creative as you like with a wooden scarecrow. Children will also love hand painting the scarecrow with different colours.

5. Plaques
Warn guests about the deadly dangers within your lair with wooden plaques which read ‘warning’, ‘danger’ or ‘keep out’. Great for decorative purposes and they will match well with other cobwebs or spooky items.

6. Tombstones
Perfect for transforming your garden into a haunted graveyard, wooden tombstones can be easily made and will look realistic wherever you choose to place them.

7. Wooden Cross
Vital for warding off dark demons which may lurk near your door on October 31st, you can display simple wooden crosses around your home. Striking and easy to make wooden crafts!

8. Broomstick
A clever wooden craft, use wood and bristles to create your own broomstick for display at the door or inside your home. An important prop for any wicked witch!9. Weaponry
Make swords, pitchforks, axes and more with carefully crafted wooden pieces for a chilling display. Add a splash of paint to turn the weaponry into gory props.10. Coffin
Ensure there’s only one way for guests to leave your party and that’s in a wooden coffin…just make sure the lid is on tight!

Use your spare time wisely this Halloween with these wooden craft ideas that are sure to enhance any spooktacular event. Let us know if you’ve got any other ideas to keep your home entertaining on our Facebook page or our tweets over at @WoodshopDirect.

Post By Nicole Sage