4 Essential Benefits of Using Accoya Timber

Thursday, 31st of May 2018

Built on a foundation of technical innovation, performance and sustainability, Accoya has truly revolutionised the way we think about timber construction materials.

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Accoya: Introducing the World's Leading Long Life Sustainable Timber

Tuesday, 24th of April 2018

Meet Accoya, the world's leading, long life, sustainable timber. Highly innovative, Accoya has been recognised for its technical developments, improved performance and its sustainability, providing the perfect material for many projects. The result of decades

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Using Wood

Wednesday, 11th of April 2018

Wood is a beautiful addition to your home, adding gorgeous visual appeal and bringing you closer to the natural world even when you're indoors. But what you may not realise is that beyond the aesthetic and tactile appeal, using timber as a decorative or construction

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5 Amazing Wooden Treehouses You Need To See

Tuesday, 13th of March 2018

Whether you wanted your own treehouse as a child or you're looking for a paradise getaway as an adult, there are many idyllic and dreamlike places you can escape to. Woodshop Direct have put together a list of our favourite wooden treehouses from all corners

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Timber Origins & Uses: Everything You Need To Know
Tuesday, 13th of February 2018

Every well conceived woodworking project should begin with the correct materials. Timber is the very thing you build your ideas upon, so using the correct type of wood is essential to the success of the building process as well as the look and quality of the

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What is Marine-Grade Plywood?
Sunday, 26th of November 2017

If you've ever come across marine-grade plywood the uses and applications seem fairly obvious... you would have thought! However, in case you're not entirely sure, Woodshop Direct are going to dispel the myths and inaccuracies you shouldn't be falling for,

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