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About Us

At Woodshop Direct we are passionate about supplying quality, bespoke machined timber for our customers’ projects.

Our parent company, Woodstock, has been trading from Falmouth, Cornwall in our 20,000ft² premises since 1981. The company was originally founded to supply machined and sawn timber to service the thriving marine and boat building industry within Falmouth, working from a small unit near the boatyards with basic machinery.

The company has enjoyed sustained growth since its formation, and we now offer a wide range of sawn hardwoods which can be sold in their sawn state or, more commonly, machined bespoke to our customers’ requirements and dimensions. This can be either a single piece of oak for a shelf, or multiple mouldings to form components for a more complex project, like a sash window.

Woodshop Direct is a company with a keen focus on customer service, quality products, sustainable purchasing, and good old fashioned family values.  We offer a friendly service reinforced with a wealth of expertise to help with whatever your project may be.

Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability

Hardwoods (our raw material) need to be well managed at source to ensure that there will be future supplies for many generations to come. Illegal deforestation practices are a very real threat to our industry. Well managed forests can provide raw materials without permanently damaging the environment and ecosystem. Our raw material is only sourced from suppliers and importers who support sustainable purchasing policies. Wherever possible, we will support governing bodies such as PEFC and FSC when sourcing our stock.

Woodshop Direct takes a responsible standpoint with waste. Our sawdust waste is used to manufacture pellets to fuel biomass boilers, while our timber waste material is bagged and sold on as firewood (for local collection only). We use biodegradable/recyclable packaging with all orders and actively use recycled material in our administration and packaging, as well as recycling our own packaging material.

In the future we plan to work towards becoming more self sufficient. This involves a project to install a new extraction unit where we can use the waste from our wood machining processes to heat and power our factory.